May 1-7, 2017

Poster or Door-Decorating Contest

A poster or door-decorating contest is a great way for kids to explore their artistic sides while celebrating books and reading. Kids can also share their favorite books with each other in a different way than the standard book report.

Poster Contest Have each student create a poster illustrating a favorite book. Set size limitations. (No bigger than x and no smaller than x.) If created in class, spend Monday morning of Children's Book Week creating the posters. If assigned as homework, give the assignment before Children's Book Week and have them due on Monday.

Hang the posters around the room for the week, assigning each poster a number. On Thursday, students should vote for their favorite poster by secret ballot. Tabulate the votes overnight and award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-place prizes on Friday!

Door-Decorating Contest This event can also be run school-wide as a door decorating contest: each class decorates their door on the Monday of Children's Book Week. Each door should be planned by the class in advance and illustrate one book or series of books. Students for all classrooms should vote by secret ballot on Thursday morning. Votes are tabulated and announced on Friday!